Friday, April 20, 2012

Catch Up Time

It's been about two weeks, so here's a little recap of what's been going on around here... 

Last Sunday was Blessing of the Pets at our church. It's one of our favorite services, aside from maybe Easter. A pastor started it many years ago and our current pastor continued the tradition (and he wasn't  afraid to grab Hoss around the neck and bless him - LOL).

The tiny princess wasn't sure what to think about all the pets.

Our neighbors had a baby (3 months ago, but who's counting) and I finally found the time to make them a baby gift.  After I took this picture I added another square, slightly overlapping the striped square with his name on it, with a large embroidered 'H' for his last name. 

I think my pumpkins might actually make... PUMPKINS! ;)  The flowers are a good sign, right?

We don't have a Lilo, but... meet 'Stitch.' (Bubba's new nickname for LadyBub).  She fell out of a dining room chair last night when we were eating dinner and, well, we had to load up in the car and drive to the hospital.

A brief piece of the scene?  DB was holding her, covering her mouth with a dishtowel, and yelling obscenities while trying to direct all of us to get into the car.  The rest of us were running in circles.  The older boys were crying...  Bubba was in hysterics saying 'I should have caught her, I should have caught her,' and Lil' Bub was in hysterics saying 'she's gonna be ugly now!!!'  I was saying 'oh my God, oh my God' along with 'I can't look, I can't look.'

We ended up in the car with me driving with no shoes, the older boys in their underwear (and nothing else), and Baby Bub in a pullup (and nothing else).  Thankfully LadyBub and DB were fully dressed, so they were the ones that went into the ER and the rest of us waited in the car for an hour.

She can still eat french fries, though, so we're good. (Oh, and she's the FIRST Bub to ever get stitches.  Go figure, right?  Girls are trouble.) 

I took the kids to lunch to watch our neighbor (and, really, we have to come up with a better designation for him because he's family and 'neighbor' just doesn't sound right) sing and play guitar.  He and his friend pick up gigs around town and this was the first time he had one during the day so the kids could go.    

The boys ate and giggled and had a great time.  And?  We discovered a new place to eat that we didn't even know existed.  It's out on the Pier and we've probably walked by it a dozen times and didn't even know it was there.

 And last, but never least, this little freckled boy (he has the cutest little freckles over his nose) finally had a 'big tooth' break through.  He will not be toothless much longer (and, ironically, the orthodontist called me out of the blue yesterday and asked me if he had stopped sucking his thumb yet - -  it's like they KNOW.  HAHA!).   :)



Foursons said...

OK, how are you getting your pictures so big? Is it the layout you have?

And girl, you are getting GOOD with that lens! I'm very impressed.

I'm still a little surprised that LB is the first to get stitches when you have boys who ride bikes and skateboards.

McVal said...

That poor widdow girl!!!

Jenny said...

You have had a busy two weeks...poor lady bub, at least she can still have her fry!

loving that are so crafty.

love that toothless grin..too sweet!

Mellodee said...

Aww, poor baby! Even with her stitches, she's still a cutey and the swelling will go down soon and all will be back to normal. Poor Momma Bub, this kind of first we could all do without! Poor DB.....must have been like herding cats! And especially poor Bubba, it's tough being the oldest sometimes.

Tara G. said...

Ditto Julie! The pet blessing is a first!

Tina said...

It is not funny at all that little miss has been hurt. But, Tanner & I were laughing out loud at your recap of the scene. Especially that the boys were in underwear only. That is SO y'all!
I hope she is feeling better. :)

Jane Anne said...

I can imagine the scene with lady bub and, although it made me laugh, it also made me cringe.

My 1st and 2rd son have had stitches. No surprise about my third son. I'm just surprised he hasn't had more!

I wish I hadn't scrolled to see the beachin' it pictures. I am very, very jealous. The beach looks heavenly.

Bethany said...

Oh, my word! That poor little lip!

Hoss is huge! I'd love to see a picture of him again. I don't think I've seen him since he was a baby.

Hope you are enjoying your spring. We've still got five weeks of school left! Thankfully the weather has turned really cold or I would have a mutiny on my hands. :)

Rachel said...

Okay... so SHOULD the pastor have been nervous about grabbing Hoss around the neck? Hoss doesn't look overly enthusiastic about it?

And I am still traumatized about LadyBub's injury! YES, girs are trouble!

But kinda cracking up at the chaos of how everyone reacted to the owie... because it's only funny after everyone realizes she's gonna be okay and still beautiful as ever :)